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How to Become A Life Coach

Maybe you ran into a local life coach Johannesburg provider at the coffee shop or listened to one speak publicly. What they said stuck with you. You hear that they are earning six figures by offering life coach services. Now you want to enter the field, but you aren’t quite sure how to get started.
However, they likely left out the part about gaining a strong enough client base is no simple task. And because of all the sham life coaching establishments that exist, you’ll need to take certification courses before doing anything.
While it takes work to make it as a life coach, most professionals wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. Continue reading about entering the life coaching field for yourself, and make sure you know what awaits you.
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Life Coaching Courses

You wouldn’t hire a construction contractor who wasn’t certified. Yet, people have no qualms about selecting the first coach that they come across. If they haven’t completed their life coaching courses, however, they are not a licensed professional, and they are likely ripping you off.
The classes are more like a trade school or even secondary educational testing. Most students can expect to spend anywhere from a few Thousand Rand for individual courses, and as much as R75,000 altogether.
Like any professional training, it’s as much an investment into your future as going to a university would be. Some may find it to remain more affordable than traditional schooling. If you know you want to provide a service, or make a career change, becoming a life coach Johannesburg contractor might be your best bet.

Find a Mentor

While it’s true that a life coach salary South Africa resident might hear on the morning news programs sounds high, the average worker earns a typical wage. To hit that superstar celebrity status would take years of practice, as well as a powerful brand built behind you.
The best way to start your climb is to find a professional mentorship program or an employer who helps you hone your skills. It takes more than coursework to become an effective coach, and on-the-job training remains the best way to learn.
You can even use the struggles and obstacles on your way to the top in a future best-selling book, making it well worth the effort. If you intend on earning amongst the highest life coach salary South Africa professionals hope to achieve, it’s going to take a ton of hard work.
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You Are a Business

Some coaches fresh from certification might think they can look forward to getting hired by their soon to be best friends. That is a common pitfall and one that makes it a challenge for future clients to see you as a professional.
Balancing your working budget, setting office hours, and dressing appropriately all go towards looking the part. These also help you in securing future sessions from repeat clients. Too often, someone tries dressing down, hoping it will put their clients at ease.

People want to see that they are selecting a professional for the job, even if it is for personal growth and development. You may want to consider fully licensing yourself as a brand or company anyways for the added liability protection.

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Life coaching and mentoring for teachers is such an essential cornerstone. Teachers have a responsibility for your children and we aim to keep teachers in top notch Life Coaching standards shape

Life coach for success

Life coaching is very powerful and successful people use this as a tool. They know that a life coach can take them to the next level. Often you will gain a unique perspective that you never thought of before. This growth and learning offers the individual improvement in their business life and personal lives. Life coaching empowers them to steady their accountability in life and so ultimately their purpose.

Offer a Free Life Coach Session

It may sound counterintuitive, but many seasoned professionals still swear by providing an initial complimentary session. Not only does it help potential clients in feeling more comfortable around you, but it also shows them that you aren’t just thinking about the paycheck.
By providing would-be client a free life coach session, you can quickly get a feel for what working with them full-time will soon become. If you don’t think that they are going to become a good fit for your personality and skills, then you can also break it off without anyone’s feelings getting hurt.

A trial run for both of you is a simple bonding experience, and it also allows you to address any concerns or fears that they might have. Otherwise, you could set yourself up for a messy situation later, especially if you had them sign a service contract.
First session with your life coach is free
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