Dominique Brits

Family Life Coach

My name is Dominique Brits
Life Coaching for families to create deeper and powerful relationships.

Discover Your Future as a Family

You've got this

Parents can enjoy the journey with peace of mind and wholesome connection

Confidence with skills

Feel good about being better parents. Children will gain Life Skills for the rest of their lives.


The Family unit can thrive in flexibility and progress on their own terms.

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Family Life and Parenting made easy

As a parent I know you have a calling

Parenting can be hard, I make it easy - You're not alone
Make your parenting journey a little easier.

The Family Playbook is for you - whether it’s your first day as a parent, you're on day 7000 or somewhere in-between. We've got the platform and tools to help you every step of the way.
You are the solution.

It is time to step up and enjoy Conscious Communication for the Next Generation.

Family life and parenting made easy!
We need to work on our parenting skills if we want kids who know how great life can be. Our children deserve more than just parents that rely solely upon consequences and punishments, as those are not the best ways for them grow into happy adults!

There is a better way: modeling positive behavior through your own actions; cooperation instead of competition--this will help set an example which others might follow later down the line
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