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We are International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited because we can coach and mentor world wide. South African Board for people practises (SABPP) accredited for the reason that we are local to South Africa. As a result our focus is on children, youth, families, professionals and entrepreneurs. Even more, we have worked with groups and in contrast these work well for certain needs.
Another group we often work with are Teachers because teachers spend a lot of time with the our children. Teachers consequently have a great impact on the children they teach.
Since we coach Parents and teachers, the children benefit the most.

These days is seems like value is a key topic. First of all, to feel valued helps you feel like your relationships work. Most noteworthy is the harmony in your relationships that brings calm to your life. Therefore calmness allows love to prosper. Even more, this is the ultimate feeling.
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Life Coaching for Children, Youth and Teachers


Thoughts vs journaling..... remember that post

12 000 - 60 000 thoughts a day and most of then a negative and repetitive.

Let me share a story of how journaling can create space ENERGETICALLY as well as emotionally, spiritually and mentally for you

Our beautiful nanny, Nosi, wanted to start journaling and so I gave her one of my spare journals. I explained to her how journaling works:


That very night she wrote down her thoughts.

Everyday she comes to work on a taxi and she noticed a woman who never spoke to anyone. Just nodded her head when people greeted her.
The day after Nosi journaled, this woman approached her and started talking. They spoke the whole way without stopping. They both have so much in common.
Nosi came to work saying she is so much lighter and calmer. By journaling, she created space - energetically - as she let go of some worries and stories.

Share your journaling experience!

I'd love to hear all about it
Smart Goals as parents help with their childrens future

What is Success?

When you think of success - what does that mean to you?

🎯🎯Running your own business?
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Having a family?
😀😀Being happy?
🙂🤗Living in the present moment?
🤽🎖️🎧Figuring out what you want to do with your life?
🏰🎡Achieving your goals?

Look at the pictures .... which pictures shows your success?

Write them down

Come join us for a Vision Board Workshop and make your SUCCESS HAPPEN!

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Life Coach in Action

Every year we make these things called "New Year's resolutions". So why do you make them? What is the point?

❓Why do we wake up early and go for a run on the 1st/2nd January? ❓Why do start eating healthier in January? ❓Why do we decide to start saving in January? ❓Why do we decide to change our career in January?

These promises we make.... these COMMITMENTS (Don't stop reading please) that we make to ourselves are......
🌟🌟🌟VERY REALISTIC!! 🌟🌟🌟 WHAT? They are?

Yes... and you can stick to them throughout the WHOLE YEAR! We make these resolutions because of the regrets we have had since last year. We want to change certain parts in our lives.

BUT.....the words we use put pressure on ourselves.....❌MUST❌HAVE TO❌NEED TO❌SHOULD❌WANT TO

Now, when you make these resolutions today.....try use the the CHOOSE✔️CHOOSE✔️CHOOSE

🌟I CHOOSE to run 🌟I CHOOSE to eat healthier 🌟I CHOOSE to change my career 🌟I CHOOSE to stick to my resolutions

Which one's are you CHOOSING to keep?
Vision Board Workshops really work
Do more of what you like doing

Let go of fear, shame and doubt

This year has been interesting!

The conversations I have had have been powerful.

The people I have met have been interesting.

The places I have visited have be amazing.

The time I have spend has been unforgettable.

And the reasons for all of this: I have let go of fear, shame and doubt.

Today I ran my own Goal Setting Workshop for Teens. I planned it. I put it together. I created it. I chose it.

Results: unbelievable!!!

Improves: Hell yes!! Great feedback!!

Ready for tomorrow to do it again: HELL YES!!

My fear: will it make a difference?
My shame: am I worthy of doing this?
My doubt: am I good enough?

Fear - I have made a difference
Shame - I am worthy of running workshops
Doubt - I am good enough

Mission accomplished!

Ready to it again tomorrow!!

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Be the reason someone smiles today

Life coach for burn out

With today's pressures of teaching, parenting, growing up and responsibilities, we all need time out before burnout. Our professional and personal accredited coaches will allow you to realise in a comfortable and safe space

How to become a life coach?
​We are happy to refer you to our International Coaching Federation (ICF) and South African Board for people practises (SABPP) accredited coaching course.

Online life coach?
Yes are able to use skype as a means to reach our national and international sessions.
First session with your life coach is free

Ideas to make you your child's life coach

A family core value vision board. When making decisions relating to activities, discipline, being part of the community, school and setting boundaries. The family vision board is a kind of family mission statement. As a family you can always refer to the board.

Reflect! If there are challenges that always push you to have a stressful reaction or a responses that you don't really desire. Then refection is needed and this can be role played with children to give them the life skill going forward. We ultimately want to have less stress, better human connections. As parents we want to help our kids be better types of adults than we are. It starts with reflection.

Engage more with what you love. Joy and love only come from the things we truly enjoy. Teach your kids this principle through being a role model. Very young kids always only do what pleases them and we tend to change this. Keep the rhythm going.

Family time is key. Weekly family get together with open discussions are greatly encouraged. The family is the greatest achievement that we have available to us to stimulate children.

Dealing with the desire to be liked.

When we say that it does not matter if someone likes us or not, I feel it is such an adult thing to say. Children are still figuring out that this adult can deal and stand by this statement. Younger children still need to figure this out.

Let us help our children's confidence in themselves and this, in turn, will help them with the need to be liked. The feeling of being unliked can be stressful in those children that are not at the level of confidence to deal with it.

Each child has their own preferences and circumstances. Parents will do well to understand this and be huge benefits to the child. The differences could be the difference in personalities or likes. The earlier on in life kids experience environments in a safe environment the earlier they can build confidence.

It could also be that children don't want to understand other children's personalities and likes. Focus on those they are friends with can help with what matters and what is not necessary for life skills. Life skills are a way to get a greater understanding of what adult life will be like.
Lifestyle Coach

Life Coach for Teens

Becoming a teenager is no simple process. Unfortunately, those growing up aren’t always able to navigate through all of their stress, frustrations, or balance their relationships.
Peer pressure at school, work, and home, as well as any sports teams or school clubs, can give them conflicting signals. Coupled with their mounting hormones their bodies are producing, some teens just become more volatile than others.
Perhaps your teenagers are struggling in school, or can’t seem to keep friends, they likely need help. We can show them the areas of positive growth, as well as negative influence's to eliminate, providing them a clearer picture of what they need to focus on most.
Teenagers need help making sense of life, therefore let our coaches and mentors help them. Call today for your appointment and watch them grow! We have a personal coach ready for your teen.
teenage life coaching

What is Teen Coaching?

Teen coaching involves behavior modeling or in the same vein mentoring, goal identification and practice. Ask about our Teen Mastery Program. The Life Coach will closely communicate with the teens. This allows for obstacle identification and then guidance towards self motivation and awareness. This then leads to a full and happy life just when the Teen needs it.

Who can join?

Teens are in a transition to big life and sometimes just need some direction. This can include communication skills, relationship skills, interaction skills to mention only a few. Parents, teachers and Guardians play a huge role here. That is where a life coach really can help. Life transitions can be tough and teens always need someone to talk to that they can trust.
teenage life coaching
Make your life possible with a Vision Board Workshop

What does your amazing life look like?

Loam Epson

You deserve a bigger life

Loam Epson
Life coach training. We can advise where to receive the best training a life coach can get

Law of Attraction and Gratitude

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