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"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

Our children's behavior can push us to the edge.
As parents we might say to our kids "are you trying to make me miserable?"

In fact we have been pushed too far by our own emotions!
I have helped many families gain insight on the emotion that drives us to think that way  
Lets get started and make it as smooth as possible

Behavior versus the emotion

There are so many different behaviors and emotions that our children show us. When viewing the behaviors from the outside, at times it makes little sense. As soon as we tap into the emotion then the behavior makes sense.

Life Coaching kids

It’s frightening how much kids need extra care and attention, as well as how often our families can ignore them. However, it isn’t always obvious when a young child is struggling because they are still learning how to. As a result they might be stuck with progressing. Unlike business coaching, children need a personalised lifestyle coach around some unique situations.
When you need life coaching for children you need an experienced provider. We have been assisting more children throughout Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa area, achieve more! As a result their relationships are better, they have self confidence and they shake shake off some of the peer pressures of today.
Kids aren’t always able to recognise relationship strains because they just don’t have enough experience forming bonds. As a result, you’ve likely been butting heads and aren’t sure why.
Before settling on medication options or ignoring the problem with distractions, we get to the root of the problem each time. You might have even thought "relationship coach"! If you’re tired of fighting with your children, then let us see what the source of their frustrations is!
Children and parents bond easily in nature
Life coaching example

Life Coaching for Children example

Here is an example. If I see my daughter (around six years old) is feeling a little low. She might say "hey, I cant do this".
Let us look at an example. Create a story of two towns namely can-town and can't-town. Together, visualise the two towns, either drawn or imagined. Be clear on the differences of living in the two towns. Visual is always better in my experience.

​Say with encouragement that she cant do it YET.
This will now get children reflective of different ways they are able to overcome childhood pressures like bullies, peer-pressure and other childhood roadblocks.

By using the two towns for instance, you can advance every time. Talking around the questions children can ask themselves that put them into a positive thinking role. I would also display some of the differences between living in can-town and can't-town. Children need to know the questions of how to progress in any situation using their thoughts. This gets the brain working on a level that is both positive and encouraging to move forward and past any obstacles.
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Children show energy shifts after life coaching for kids

Life Coach for kids

Coaching children is very different to coaching an adult! As children grow they have constant and rapid brain development and we need to be very aware of this while coaching. The brain is not yet full developed. Adults have a developed brain and some life experience to activate for life skills when in a coaching session. Kids still need to develop confidence, life skills and self esteem to only mention a few. Peer pressure needs to experienced and a inner path of how to deal with it paved. Our Life Coaching session will help our children with a way to live life in a way that has purpose and good intention. Ultimately they will have a vision of what they want their lives to look like.
Life coaching teachers is about being grounded and connecting on a deep level

Life Coaching at Schools

Some educators find that coaching entire grades or even schools are an efficient way to teach life skills for the reason that they cover more ground. Whether you’re trying to limit the amount of bullying taking place or are trying to increase attention and test scores, coaching may be the best solution! In other words, we are from a teaching background and know the platform well.
Life Coach Johannesburg provides whole school coaching for youth groups, helping entire classes experience better habits and relationships. However, It’s never too early to discover better life skills and interactions for children.
Call today for your school coaching. We can help your young students achieve more!
Life coaching and mentoring for teachers is such an essential cornerstone. Teachers have a responsibility for your children and we aim to keep teachers in top notch Life Coaching standards shape

The Kids Coach

- Do you have an unhappy child and they don't want to talk?
- Do you intend to change behaviour in your child?
- Do you feel like you and your child have talked about all the options and need a fresh perspective?
- Perhaps you feel your child can benefit from talking to someone that is trustworthy but not a family member.
- Do you want to teach your child new life skills but you don't have the time or know how?

If yes is the answer to any of the above, then a Child Life coach that really understands children is your answer. Dominique gets children talking and sharing. Child coaching is very specific and gets children to speak about problems they think their elders and peers can't. Each session is tailored towards the individual or group. Getting to the heart of a problem takes some life coaching skills that we have perfected. It involves personality and learning types at the start. Life coaching like this empowers our children and helps them make very positive life-changing choices and decisions. The space that the child life coaching is done in is neutral and allows for talking with confidence. This ultimately allows for the lives of those involved to be much happier.
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