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Involved father is influential in his childs life especially in the first 6 years. This image was taken in South Africa

Life Coach Johannesburg for Parents

A friend has a teen of 18 years old on the autism spectrum. The parent has to focus a lot of their attention on the raising of an autistic child, as most parents will do with any child. It is evolution time for this young adult. Perhaps college or entering the workplace or a simple task as living by yourself entails more than you might realize as far as responsibilities go. My friend will testify to this.
As a parent, you have to wear many faces such as a teacher, nurse, social worker, advocate and so much more. This chronic stress has been compared to that of combat soldiers and it feels like it too, said my friend.

Some parents will say that this stress is not easily understood by others or even close family members.

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Dominique Brits in the media


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Accredited Life Coach & Remedial Teacher

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Accredited Life Coach & Remedial Teacher

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Family Life Coach

Better communication with less conflict

As children and especially teens learn new skills, communication should become clearer. Your Teen might be exploring meditation, problem solving and how to emotionally release! Better communication is now key to help your teen develop.

Loving relationships

As communication is strengthened you will notice less anxiety and stress. A trusting space is created in the relationship. This trust leads to understanding and more love with your Teen.

Reduced parenting stress

With your Teen Life Coach there for you and your Teen, you can automatically relax. You and your Teen will have someone to approach and communicate with. We are expert Family Life Coaches and the family will have another to turn to for life's important questions.
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