Life Coach for Teachers

Life coach for teachers
​Are you on the verge or burnout, dont worry your life coach for teachers is here?
Feeling stressed, overworked, not in control? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This feeling is shared by hundreds if not thousands of teachers.

This doesn’t mean it’s normal. If you’re dreading going to work, or feel anxious, unhappy, or stuck, you need to do something about it. And that’s exactly the kind of help we offer here at Life coach Johannesburg.

Professional Coaching and Mentoring for Teachers

teachers need all the help they can get
We have worked with countless teachers over the years and made a difference in their lives. When you don’t know where to go or where to start, we are always here for you to give you sound advice and help you find a clear direction in your life. You can do with your own personal coach.

Sometimes, it seems that you can't catch a break and you feel overwhelmed. It’s doesn’t have to be like this. With proper support and assistance, you can finally get a grip over your life and start making ambitious and bold plans again.

Coaching sessions can be every week or every few days, it all depends on you and your schedule. But we recommend investing some time, at least at the beginning, if you want to see results appear quickly. Your commitment and your willingness to work to improve your life will play a major part in your success.

Life Coaching for Teachers

Teachers know very well that communication is key but how do you keep it up for so many hours. Broken telephone
The training you have received to become a teacher (teacher training) is one thing, but most of us haven’t received proper training to learn how to live our lives when we are under constant pressure. Perhaps you have done some teacher courses, but this has not given us the tools to handle teacher development on a personal level.

The good news is that managing pressure and finding ways to cope psychologically with the challenges thrown at you by life and your life as a teacher can be learned. Time coaching is one of the ways we can progress.

After a few sessions with us, you will start to regain strength and confidence. We will help you identify what are your core values and what you want to stand for. We will challenge you and push you to become a better version of yourself. Mentor education is another way you can benefit from teaching strategies learned with us.

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Personal Coaching and Help for Teachers

Life coaching teachers is about being grounded and connecting on a deep level
We will design a custom program and package around your needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all kinds of program and think that you should receive personalised attention, especially if you are psychologically vulnerable.

Let’s make time to discuss what’s important for you and what your current needs are. Teaching is part of our lives and we have first-hand experience dealing with what you have been dealing with too. We know how challenging it is, but we are also here to tell you that there are many joys and a lot of personal satisfaction attached to teaching.

In this programme, teachers are acquainted with much research-based;
time and stress-administration procedures,
the craft of inspiration,
mind control,
investigation of human conduct,
the brain science of correspondence relationship building.

The program does not utilise Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) specifically but uses similar strategies. We take care to aid teachers with the know-how of using their learned skills through life coaching to pass on the unique savvy to the very children you are developing.
You will notice;
body language shifts
communication shifts
emotion and energy shifts
anchoring good states of mind​

Do you need a relationship coach? Call Life coach Johannesburg today and lets set up a meeting to see if you and your lifestyle coach have a connection.

Our past clients have noticed positive changes in their lives and have rediscovered a sense of purpose, along with renewed excitement and motivation. Gone are the days of searching teaching jobs. With you in the driver seat of your own life, everything is possible

Skills Training

New Skills training from a life coach
Call us now at 087 551 7606 to learn more about our coaching programs for teachers and educators. You will be glad you did and you will finally be able to get the support, love, and consideration you deserve.

Book a free initial consultation with one of our life coaches and let’s see together if we are a good fit.
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