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Dominique Brits Life Coach in Johannesburg, South Africa

Family-Centered Life Coach and Mentor

Collaborating with families to find their inner voice

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Let's take the guess work out of life and start taking the right action to meet your goals!

Less guess work, more action
In addition challenging your beliefs and your life vision is sometimes difficult but necessary.
Furthermore, often deep changes are required to shift.
We will make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.


The Connection with Dominique Brits
6 weeks online group journey starting Wednesday 22nd September
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Being a parent is not easy – I mean, none of us are expert parents, right?

As soon as we think we’ve got a handle on things – our child changes and then we have to relearn new ways, new habits and new emotions.

- Being a parent is not about knowing it all.
- Being a parent is about knowing when you need help.

- Being a parent is not about understanding how to do it all.
- Being a parent is about being ok with not understanding.

- Being a parent is not about finding the easy way out.
- Being a parent is creating an easier way for you.

- Being a parent is not having all the answers.
- Being a parent is searching for what works for you and your family.

You and your family have a connection!

Sometimes you need self care to live your best life with your family. Feel connected with your family every day and give your best every day! The Connection is a weekly online journey that will bring you closer to your family and help you live your best possible life!

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Be the best parent you can be in the moment you are in.

Live your best family life!
It’s not only about you – it’s also about your children and your partner.
In an ideal world – you would all get along and understand each other.
NICE thought.
But in our world – it can be made easier, interesting and fun.
Happy family that has seen a life coach to make positive changes for the whole family in Linden

Family Life Coaching

How do feel your family is doing? Maybe some members in the family are feeling anxious, perhaps a little out of balance. How is the family relationships?

I am Dominique Brits and I help families through transformation and turning points in their life. You are in the right place now.  Together we will discover your greatest values and impact your quality of life.

The foundation of my Life Coaching is HELPING families strengthen their connection and bond.
Life coaching so that you can get to know who you are

Teen Life Coaching

Has your teen been lacking clarity, self-esteem or confidence? Maybe they seem to have some fears or have some insecurities!

My Teen coaching quickly gets to the root of the block. Benefits of my online or face to face sessions can help with gaining clarity, overcoming obstacles and building confidence. In the same vein building self esteem and emotional resilience. Furthermore insight into life recognition and reaching goals faster. I also help Teens during stressful exam times.

My coaching HELPS with Teen empowerment and connection to self.

What does Dominique Brits do?

I specialize in social emotional learning's in other words - life skills.

Life skills HELP foster positive attitudes and strong family values. Setting up for future success and to become thoughtful human beings is part of what I do.

I help families acquire these life skills. 
teenage life coaching

Coaching Confidence

Rebuilding your confidence is key if you want to win the game of life. Firstly it is especially important early on, for young kids and youth alike. Secondly adults and teachers also need some resetting from time to time. However this is not an exact science. Thirdly and most importantly confidence can be motivated by those you interact with.
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Let's Chat

Hi, I am Dominique.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Considering emotional support? A consultation with social and emotional specialist Dominique Brits is an important first step.
Family coach and teen life coach - Dominique Brits

Dominique Brits Coaching

Dominique is a professional life coach and offers life coaching in Johannesburg, South Africa. Telephone, Skype and Zoom sessions are also available worldwide.

Sessions can be individual, couples and group sessions. The sessions always include awareness, authenticity and truth. These all aid change.

Coaching is about long term returns and so coaching is a very cost effective way to accomplish this. Dominique often offer a free session upfront to see if you and your coach get along well. The sessions are confidential and promote honesty. It is about what is going on in your life and being honest is always a good start. The first session can only benefit you. Don't wonder anymore and take the first step in the right direction today.

Dominique is International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited and so the same rules of confidentiality and shared information apply. The ethics behind the ICF are upheld and give you professional peace of mind.

Life Coaching can help with issues holding you back

- You'll be able to express your emotions without fear of judgement.
- Life coaching is a great way to gain new perspectives and insights on life.
- It's okay to ask for help from someone who can relate, like a professional life coach.
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