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We are International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited because we can coach and mentor world wide. South African Board for people practises (SABPP) accredited for the reason that we are local to South Africa. As a result our focus is on children, youth, families, professionals and entrepreneurs. Even more, we have worked with groups and in contrast these work well for certain needs.
Another group we often work with are Teachers because teachers spend a lot of time with the our children. Teachers consequently have a great impact on the children they teach.
Since we coach Parents and teachers, the children benefit the most. 

These days is seems like value is a key topic. First of all, to feel valued helps you feel like your relationships work. Most noteworthy is the harmony in your relationships that brings calm to your life. Therefore calmness allows love to prosper. Even more, this is the ultimate feeling.
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Life Coaching for Children, Youth and Teachers

If you think your child is struggling and don’t know what to do, you’re at the right place. Due to there being so many influences in a child's life, helping children often means helping their influence's too. As a result we coach parents, teachers and encourage groups of friends. The youth groups are most noteworthy because the topics share a common interest, for instance.   

There is nothing wrong with wanting to help your children and you know deep down that it can be beneficial for everyone involved. Seeking the assistance of a life coach doesn’t mean that you’re putting anyone under some pressure to succeed. It means that you want the best for your family.

Children spend many hours with their teachers. As a result parents want to know that the teachers that are caring for their children are at the best they can be. Teachers are so deeply involved in our children's education and much more. In other words we help teachers be at their best for themselves and the children. 

Some parents are not in a position to always be around their children however still care very much. For instance the parent/s will hire a life coach for their children. Furthermore the parent/s will hire a life coach for their child's teachers, tutor, caretakers and custodians. In conclusion the whole family can relax and be in their best frame of mind.  
Love and communication are key from all of those who have an input in young children's lives

Action Life Coaching 

By taking action and finding what can be improved takes time and effort. Results are always worth it and are likely to leave each person more fulfilled and happier than ever before.

The life coaching service we offer is based on deep needs of current society. In other words, we have observed society first hand. More and more people are looking for help but don’t know where to look for it and what to look for.

No more guesswork and more action: that’s what we want to bring to the people we coach. In addition challenging your beliefs and your life vision is sometimes difficult but necessary. Furthermore, often deep changes are required to shift. We will make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible, whether they are little kids or teenagers, but also for you and for the educators around them.

Confidence Coach

Rebuilding your confidence is key if you want to win the game of life. Firstly it is especially important early on, for young kids and youth alike. Secondly adults and teachers also need some resetting from time to time. However this is not an exact science. Thirdly and most importantly confidence can be motivated by those you interact with. 

It’s never too early or too late to get some professional help and assistance. And it’s not a shame either. Keeping your emotions and your struggles to yourself actually results in more issues. Opening up and sharing, even with yourself can help. Let our lifestyle coach meet up with you for a chat.

If you’re missing some crucial skills or feel like something is missing, hiring a life coach could be part of the solution. Even though we’re not miracle workers, our experience and knowledge can give precious hints as to why you or loved one is not able to perform at their best. Feeling overwhelmed is a downward spiral, let us help you feel adequate again.  

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of changing a perspective and seeing things differently. This is far from being easy when you’re in the middle of a, particularly difficult situation.
Quality time equals love, let a life coach allow you ti find out how

Life Skills Coach

 We’re not here to add more pressure to the mix but rather to make you feel more relaxed about the whole situation. Take a step back, see the situation for what it is, and then plan accordingly.
Life skills at work? Yes, even when you are at work, have a look around and note how a business coach can help the group, team and whole company. Business life coaching is essential in all work environments.
Everything we do is designed to help you grow and overcome your present challenges.

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Nature is the perfect way to connect. We all need to get into nature more, take off our shoes and connect with mother earth

Life Mentors and Life Coaching Programs

Coaching and mentoring is what we do. Sometimes you need a direction in life but achieving clarity on your own is not easy. That’s when we come into play. We ask you powerful questions. Your true answers will lead you on a new path that is your own and that reflects your deeper values and principles.

It’s not about imposing our ideas on you but rather on helping you find your own way. Each one of us is unique, worthy, and needs to be valued. We are here to show you how great you already are and what it takes to live an even better life.

When we are too close or feel like our head is spinning, all it takes is a session to look at things differently. You might even realise that worrying is not even necessary.

Our life coaches are here to listen, ask useful and insightful questions, show you options, and guide you through life. The temporary challenges you may encounter from time to time can easily be handled.
Life coaching results can even lead to you becoming a life coach

Life Coaching results

If you need an extra boost or push to go through life, we are the people you should talk to. We have the experience and our multi person skills are at an all time high.

We have a burning desire to help as many people as possible to become the best version of themselves. Our focus on children and educators is due to the fact that we believe that they are the fabric of our society. This is how we can make the most impact and contribution to society. 

Once you feel better, many things fall into place like trust and family and friends relationships improve. It is important to talk freely and our space is free from judgement, a safe place. Some of our clients even become life coaches themselves.
Becoming a life coach and what you need to consider

Becoming a life coach

Coaching is an extremely rewarding profession on so many levels. It is also a very fast growing industry in South Africa.
You can learn an entirely new set of skills and technics. This will benefit the people you will work with and support you as a person. This will clarify your own goals and standards both professionally and personally.

As you consider the time and investment into a life coaching career, also consider the lifestyle and the dedication it takes. Life coaching is not for everyone. It takes a special person to fully understand and practise life coaching.
The rewards are flexibility and the self awareness. Cons are that Life Coaches constantly struggle not to coach outside of the office, so to speak.

One of the first questions that people have when considering becoming a life coach, is "Life Coach Salary". The salary range always comes up. How much do Life Coaches typically charge? What can a life coach make in a year? In addition, "how to make money coaching online?" 
Yes, life coaches do make money. As our coaches are ICF certified, studies have shown that ICF coaches can charge from R700 up to R8000 (master coach) for a session. That said the earning potential is truly unlimited. How much money do you want to make? Do you only consider three sessions a day, or do you work full days and weekends too? Part time or full time? How does all this fit into your values?
Life coach training. We can advise where to receive the best training a life coach can get

Life Coach Training

ICF training takes from nine to twelve months to complete. It takes time to fully grasp the basics of Life coaching and fully know if this is the career path for you. This training focuses on very powerful and important principles of learning and coaching. Methodology includes helping others transform their lives.
Life coach services
Life Coach and Mentor services
​Teachers, are you tired and want to sleep and want inspiration. Do you know why you are a teacher? Do you remember why you became a teacher?

A little teacher joke
Doctor says " I see we are operating on a teacher"
Nurse says "How do you know she is a teacher?"
Doctor says " Look a the size of her bladder"

Some of our team are experienced teachers here at Life Coach Johannesburg

Professional coaching, we are able to coach professionals. Are you looking at a career change? Let us coach you through it.
Personal coach, has an everyday event changed your future and you need help to get through it. We have the team that can help you today.
Relationship coach, new or mature relationships, we are able to help you through any life changing events.
​Find a life coach? Our team prefer to meet first to see if you and the coach are a good fit. it is important to have a connection with your coach as you start your journey.

With today's pressures of teaching, parenting, growing up and responsibilities, we all need time out before burnout. Our professional and personal accredited coaches will allow you to realise in a comfortable and safe space

How to become a life coach?
​We are happy to refer you to our International Coaching Federation (ICF) and South African Board for people practises (SABPP) accredited coaching course.

Online life coach?
Yes are able to use skype as a means to reach our national and international sessions.
Become a Life Coach
You can only do this if you yourself are in that transformed space. Often through the training you will shift and improve your own life, your relationship quality will change and you will see an increase in your level of self-confidence.

We also see changes in physical appearances. The training encourages meditation, energy alignment and visualisation. As you practise becoming a life coach you begin to understand the non-physical forces like the laws of attraction, resonance, momentum and magnetism. These underly and act in the very act of creation.

This is the shift that will happen inside you and project on the outside of your own life. Life Coaches vibrate in their own harmony with the things that they desire. Passing this on is why life coaches qualify as life coaches. Other refer to it as paying it forward. 

The coach training is one of the most valuable assets a human can attain. The same principles of learning are applied in everyday life.

Can you see yourself owning a thriving coaching practice?
Can you see yourself celebrating the success of your clients on a daily basis?
Can you see yourself teaching transformation tools and processes? Look inside yourself to see if Life Coaching is your calling.
Contact Life Coach Johannesburg today to see if this is a good fit.
Life Coach Services
Dominique is a professional life coach and offers life coaching in Johannesburg, South Africa. Telephone, Skype and Zoom sessions are also available worldwide.

Sessions can be individual, couples and group sessions. The sessions always include awareness, authenticity and truth. These all aid change.

Coaching is about long term returns and so coaching is a very cost effective way to accomplish this. Dominique often offer a free session upfront to see if you and your coach get along well. The sessions are confidential and promote honesty. It is about what is going on in your life and being honest is always a good start. The first session can only benefit you. Don't wonder anymore and take the first step in the right direction today.

Dominique is International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited and so the same rules of confidentiality and shared information apply. The ethics behind the ICF are upheld and give you professional peace of mind.
What is the role of a Life Coach
Do more of what you like doing
Your life coaching sessions can be very different each time and from others. a good example is that some sessions are part of a group, in person or over the phone/video.

When you think of working with your life coach, start thinking about what you want to focus on. Each session will have you feeling empowered and energised which is highlighted when you have direction. This is also accentuated when you find a coach that you can align with with regards to philosophy and styles. 

Please note that Life Coach Johannesburg is International Coach Federation accredited.
Ideas to make you your child's life coach
Reflect when you feel stressed
A family core value vision board. When making decisions relating to activities, discipline, being part of the community, school and setting boundaries. The family vision board is a kind of family mission statement. As a family you can always refer to the board.

Reflect! If there are challenges that always push you to have a stressful reaction or a responses that you don't really desire. Then refection is needed and this can be role played with children to give them the life skill going forward. We ultimately want to have less stress, better human connections. As parents we want to help our kids be better types of adults than we are. It starts with reflection.

Engage more with what you love. Joy and love only come from the things we truly enjoy. Teach your kids this principle through being a role model. Very young kids always only do what pleases them and we tend to change this. Keep the rhythm going.

Family time is key. Weekly family get together with open discussions are greatly encouraged. The family is the greatest achievement that we have available to us to stimulate children.
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