Dominique Brits (ONLINE)

Life Coach for families

My name is Dominique Brits
I'm a Family Life Coach

About Dominique Brits

Dominique is a professional life coach and offers life coaching in Johannesburg, South Africa. Telephone, Skype and Zoom sessions are also available worldwide.

Sessions can be individual, couples and group sessions. The sessions always include awareness, authenticity and truth. These all aid change.

Coaching is about long term returns and so coaching is a very cost effective way to accomplish this. Dominique often offer a free session upfront to see if you and your coach get along well. The sessions are confidential and promote honesty. It is about what is going on in your life and being honest is always a good start. The first session can only benefit you. Don't wonder anymore and take the first step in the right direction today.

Dominique is an International accredited Life Coach and so the same rules of confidentiality and shared information apply. The Life Coaching ethics are upheld and give you professional peace of mind.
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