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Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

From my experience as a teacher and family Life coach here are my best study hacks. These will help a teenagers brain retain information. Memory is said to be a muscle so shape it up.
This well help you to remember quicker and more easily.
This will help you in your exams and in your life.
Life Coach - Walking Before An Exam

Walking Before An Exam

Exercise can boost your brain power and memory in one of your study sessions.
Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois supports 20 minutes of walking before an exam. He also provides evidence of walking being part of top study strategies. This can improve students performance.

Speaking Out Loud Instead of Simply Reading

Many students have said this study method is a bit weird, give it a go! You
will be surprised. You can remember the words when you’ve said it out
You are 50% more likely to remember something when you say it out loud instead of reading it over and over
Life Coach - Reward Yourself -small treats work well

Reward Yourself -small treats work well

Reward systems integrated into your study and habits is very powerful. This will allow you to study more efficiently and have an effective study time method.
Life Coach  - best way of self testing is to teach it

Learned it then teach it

When you teach something it is the best way of self testing if you really know it. If you can’t get anyone to listen to your newly learned study skills, teach your parent or guardian.

Join Dominique Brits family centered Life coach to find out your best study methods and advance your study skills.

Create Mental Connections

Some students remember information with the ability to make connections is not only an easier way, but it’s creativity at its best.

Creativity means connecting things in your mind. Sometimes creative people don't know how they did something! It is because they saw it in their mind and then applied it.

Mind mapping is an easy way to connect ideas. By creating dynamic study habits with visual overviews you create different mental associations. Mind maps helps with confidence and when combined with classical music is a skill many students thrive on
Life Coach - Study Hacks Create Mental Associations

Draw, Doodle or create Diagrams - Master these study skills for effective study

Drawing diagrams and adding them to walls of your study area is a great technique. This will help to visualise your subject. Your study environment creates a visual memory imprinted in your mind. It can be called on in a test. Doing this on a whiteboard or notebook works well. drawing your subject matter on a paper or white board in your room will help like a mind map.
Life coach exam hack visual memory in your mind
Life Coach Study Hacks Times New Roman Font

The fastest font to read is Times New Roman.

There is a reason many students use Times new Roman font on flash cards and other study materials.
Block Distracting Sites by using apps

Block Distracting Sites by using apps

An app called SelfControl helps you to avoid distractions.

It blocks websites and social media for a certain amount of time. This process will give your teen greater time management and success with attention span.

Watch Topic Documentaries

This will also keep students motivated! Documentaries are an entertaining and great study guide compacted into a short story. Key details are remembered from a story. This technique when combined with taking notes helps your studies.

Research Like a Pro - Top study methods tip

When researching on search engines like Google a mastering student at it. Find exactly what you need with these handy Google tips and techniques. Here are some helpful search operators techniques to help you.

"Quotation Marks" example "I love dogs" Using quotation marks in your search terms lets you search exactly for that word. It means all the results will have the search terms in them.

-Dashes example study methods - encoding If you want to exclude a term from search include a hyphen before that word.

~Tilde example Music~classes Use tilde when you want also its synonyms to appear in the result. This example will search for music, lessons, coaching etc.

site: example site:lifecoachjohannesburg.com Use this operator to search within a specific website only

|vertical bar example blouse|shirt| hemp This query will search websites that have one/two/all of the terms.

..Two Periods example movies 1960..1970 Include two periods when you want to search within two number ranges.

Flashcards create Quick Memory Buzz

Key concepts can be put to the test quickly with flash cards.
Sign up with Dominique Brits now to see how you can get creative with flash cards.

Study Breaks

To keep you motivated and focused your brain needs to take regular study breaks. This will help your brain absorb more information. While working take a short break after about 45minutes. Concentration and focus become impaired after this period. Anything new after an hour and a half does not get absorbed.
Life Coach Study hack is to have a Study break
Life Coach Study Hacks Listen to Study Music

Correct Type of Music during study sessions

In my Life Coaching sessions we look into elevated mood techniques and how the correct types of music can do this. This makes your study area more productive. Have you made your Vivaldi playlist yet?

Portable Study Space

When you break the creature of habit of the same seat and desk you will retain information when you change your study space. Please do note that digital distractions should be avoided.

Top study techniques - Practice and practice more

Train your brain and retrieve information by practicing exam questions. Do whatever you can to practice exams and tests. Create realistic exam situations and test your understanding in every way possible.

Get lots of sleep before an Exam

Adequate rest leading up to exams is essential. Sleep helps your brain assimilate information. You have done the necessary learning so retain the information through sleep.

Learn new ways

Trying new study methods is exciting and you might find a new and better way to study. Look into technology and TED talks. At times adults also need to learn to change it up a bit for a fresh new way.
How to use DoTERRA Adaptiv

Use Scents Jog Your Memory

Maybe random but scents can attach themselves to a subject and can remind you of the content you learned.

The scent can certainly jog your memory if you spray or apply it just before the exam. Taste and gum can do a similar memory jolt. Smell and taste will help for a test preparation but also help retain information for later.
Life Coach Study in a Group

Study in a Group

Students who group study always have the ability to give you new insights and an enhanced learning experience. Group study is innovative and a step away from the traditional study ways. Discussing formulas and sharing resources with a team certainly helps retain information. Remember to take your notebook.


Students staying focused for a test through meditation is one of the top study methods that helps with concentration. It will also help with pre-exam stress! It improves health and mental health.
On a final note always stay positive. A positive attitude will positively impact your exam.

Here are some frequently asked questions about study

What are the best study methods?

Simply put each student has their individual way. It is up to me as a life coach to find out what those best ways are for the individual students.

What should I know about study skills?

Know that learning is not always fun.
Learn from your mistakes.
Keep questioning. Many students each have their own interpretations and thoughts on the subject. The more you question the more you learn.
Ask for help when you need it. Being humble and understanding is much better than not.

How do I study at home?

Studying at home has its benefits, however lets have a look at some pointers for home study discipline.

Actively study by asking questions before, during and after sessions. What will I learn? Did I understand what I just read? What can I take away from my study time? Is my Mind mapping making sense?
Study at your right time. Some students brain power is at their peak in the morning and others at night.
Know where you will study. The comfort of know your study zone lets you zone in and not worry about the location.
Eat properly to feed your brain. It is so hard to focus when your tummy is hungry!
Students need to get their chores out the way. Once done, it is much easier to focus.
Don't procrastinate and don't get distracted. Make the most of your time at home.

Learn more about how a Teen Coach can help your teen with these methods and more.
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