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You’ve been looking for a way to help your teen with their life, but you don’t know where to start.
Life coaching is an excellent solution! A life coach will work with your teen on the things they need help with and give them guidance on how to make better decisions. They can also teach them skills that will be useful in all aspects of their lives.
Your teen deserves the best care possible, and this is just what a life coach offers! It doesn't matter if it's about school or relationships, a life coach has seen it all before and knows exactly how to get through tough times. Plus, we always have time for you because we are working one-on-one with your child and their teen life!
Life is full of ups and downs, but it's important to remember that you're not alone. As a teen, there are many challenges ahead of you: school, relationships with friends and family, college applications... the list goes on! One thing that can help is working with a life coach. They will be able to guide your development throughout the years as well as offer advice when things get tough. Below we'll discuss what makes someone qualified as a life coach for teenagers so that you know who to trust in these difficult times.
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Life Coach for Teens: What You Need to Know

Life coaching is a great resource for teens who are looking for someone to talk with. Every teen experiences challenges and it's important that they have a place where they can share what they're going through without feeling judged or embarrassed. And while you may feel like you should be able to handle everything on the go it is okay to ask for help from a professional life coach.
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Life Coaching at Schools

The most obvious way to find help in life is at school. The counselor there can help you with many challenges your child is currently facing, whether it's an issue at home or something that happened in the classroom.

Counselors cant help with it all and that is where our experience in teen life and the experience to help with your child/teen coaching comes in.
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What is a youth life coach?

A youth life coach is someone who provides support for teens on a variety of levels. We listen to what's bothering teens, help them explore their feelings, and examine any possible solutions, all while giving unconditional acceptance. Teen life can be hard. Our goal is to make sure that the teen feels free enough to share anything without having it be judged or ridiculed.

Six Ways A Life Coach Helps Prepare Your Teen For Success

-They will develop a better understanding of themselves and their wants in life
-They will learn how to make decisions more easily without so much anxiety
-Parents can only do so much for them, while they are with me your teen is able to work on goals that were not possible before.
-Teens who have trouble reaching their potential will be able to grow, explore and find out who they are.
-Parents won't always have to worry about the struggles of a teen being in school.
-They can stay on top of any mental issues that might arise from things going on at home or with friends.
- A Teenager coach can help improve your teens memory for tests and exams.
As a result, teens have better relationships and self confidence and can easily handle peer pressure.
We must not forget that parents and guardians offer the best support to their teens. To support means support in relationships and life coach sessions. I also offer coaching sessions for parents. My role is both for your child and for parents.

What qualifies someone to be a life coach?

A life coach is qualified to be a Life Coach by having the right mindset for it and being willing to invest in themselves. s an experienced Family Life Coach, I understand what challenges teens are facing, especially ones who are new to a school or new town.

I am qualified because not only do I help people with things on their mind but as someone who is new to a school and town, I know what it's like.

What Will Teen Coaching Be Like?

-My coaching sessions will help set goals and work on them. I can help give them the tools to do this.
-I'll also help your teen plan out a schedule to help track their progress
We take pride to help them with struggles from teen life situations like peer pressure and give them the tools for social skills.
We work online and if you can meet me in Emmarentia, Johannesburg we can do face-to-face life coach sessions.

This is the best way to start off high school or any new phase in life! Contact me today and we can get started.

Life Coaching can help with:

-Teenage depression
-Anxiety or stress
-Trouble controlling their temper
-Problems with friends, family members or teachers.
My life coaching sessions can help them get through these tough times and learn how to live the best possible life!

Life Coaching for High and Primary School Students

-High school students who are looking for a life coach will be able to find someone with experience in the field of education.
-A high school counselor can also act as a life coach for teens, while they are still working on their degree.
-They will help your teen develop skills that could later turn into career paths
-We focus on academic success and life skills to help them academically.

It's hard enough to survive high school as it is without trying to do everything on your own. You deserve more than that and I can help your teen get there!

Are life coaches worth it?

It is an honour and a privilege to be involved in the lives of teens and their families.
Dominique Brits can help you with any challenges you're currently facing, whether it's an issue at home or something that happened in the classroom. I have experience working specifically with teenagers and would make a good one-on-one Life Coach.
We are worth every cent when we provide teens with support so that they can grow and develop positively.
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Why consider a youth coach?

-It's one of the best ways for teenagers to stay on track
-Life coaching helps teens build coping skills and emotional intelligence. They'll learn how to be mindful, manage their moods, take care of themselves and find happiness in everything they do.
As a youth coach my coaching will help with:
-Setting goals
-Life skills tools
-social skills

Youth coaching benefits:

-Helps teens find their passion
-Increases self-esteem and confidence in themselves
-Provides a safe environment for sharing personal struggles, challenges or ambitions.
-Enables teenagers to achieve greater emotional intelligence (EQ) skills that will help them throughout life. EQ is an important skill because it helps people empathise.

Youth coaching methods include:

-Conflict resolution skills
-Listening and empathy exercises
-Emotional intelligence (EQ) training. EQ is an important skill because it enables the person to reflect on their own emotions, which in turn allows them to understand how others might be feeling too.

Life Coaching for Teens in South Africa.

Did you know that South Africa is the second most stressed country in the world!
-We offer youth coaching in South Africa online. We have qualified and experienced coaches who are dedicated to helping young people lead their best lives, because we believe that every teen deserves the opportunity for a happy and fulfilling life. We offer online coaching sessions and some face-to-face coach in Emmarentia, Johannesburg.
Our accredited life coaches will be able to provide you with a tailored package of practical skills which can help teenagers set goals, explore their feelings and learn how to manage stress.
-We offer coaching programs that are designed to help kids who've been dealing with a number of different challenges, including:
-Social anxiety
-Bullying or peer pressure
-Low self-esteem
-Anxiety disorders (generalised or social phobia)
-A difficulty adjusting to change
-Troubled relationships (parental, platonic, or romantic)
-Depression and suicidal thoughts

Benefits of life coaching for teenagers:

-Helps with effective communication skills both in-person and online.
-Teaches teens how to explore their feelings without fear of being judged by a coach or a peer.
-Teaches teens how to manage their stress by teaching them CBT techniques, and giving them coping skills they can use when things get tough.
-Helps teenagers set goals for themselves that are tangible and achievable with the help of a coach.
-Provides one on one sessions in person as well as online sessions, though most clients prefer to meet in person.
-The services are provided in a supportive environment, and the client is never judged for their past or present mistakes/missteps
-Enables teenagers to find themselves through guidance from someone who has been there before them and can help with problem-solving skills.
-Can enable teens to help other teens in the community with their skills.

Life Coaching at Schools

-Helps school counsellors reach out and provide guidance to students in need of support.
-Offers a safe environment for kids to talk about their worries, concerns, or anything else they may be going through without feeling judged.
-Teaches life skills that will help the child stay happy and healthy throughout the rest of their problems without judgement.
-Offers a variety of services including one on one sessions, group counselling and crisis intervention.
-The process is aimed at bringing out the best in teenagers so they can strive for success through their education or future career path.

School Counselling Services: One-on-One Coaching

-Helps school counsellors reach out and provide guidance to students in need of support.
-Offers a safe environment for kids to talk about their worries, concerns, or anything else they may be going through without feeling judged.
-Teaches life skills that will help the child stay happy and healthy throughout the rest of their schooling period.
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