Create Intentional Family Time

Family Values are the foundation of your family. Without these values, your family would be rudderless and directionless.

So what are Family Values? 

Family Values are the beliefs that guide our actions and define what is important to us. They help us make decisions about how we live our lives.

Family Values are important because they give your family a sense of identity and purpose.

They help you to understand what is important to your family and how you should relate to each other. They also provide a sense of stability in an ever-changing world.

Family Values give your children a sense of who they are and where they belong. They provide a set of standards to live up to.

And finally, Family Values help families to resolve conflicts. When you know what is important to your family, it is easier to find compromises that everyone can live with.

Your Family Values are unique to you and may differ from other families. But values are not static – they can change over time as your family situation changes

Family Values may be based on things like religion, culture, or tradition. Or they may be values you have developed and adopted from your past.

Some common values that families often talk about include:

                  – honest                         – respect

                 – responsibility             – compassion

                 – cooperation               – courage

So, what are your Family Values?

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