Ten Ways to Boost your confidence

Posted on 23/05/2021

You have no idea how to be confident. You feel like you’re just a shy, quiet person who can’t do anything right.

Imagine being able to walk into any room and immediately command the attention of everyone in it with your presence alone. People are drawn to you because they know that when you speak, people listen. Your words carry weight and meaning because of the confidence behind them.

Start feeling more confident today by implementing some of these tips into your daily routine!

Dominique Brits Life Coach Blog – Confidence

This blog post is about how to develop your confidence. It will teach you the fundamentals of what it means to have a healthy self-esteem and how to use those skills in order to master achieving that level of confidence. The first thing I want you do is identify why you are lacking in confidence, because there may be multiple reasons for this feeling inside of you. Once we find out where the issue stems from, then I’ll show examples of techniques which will help us overcome these problems together!

A few weeks ago, I was coaching a client who had taken her talents to the next level but with it came a lot of negative attention. At one point she reached out in frustration, telling me that she feels like she is living an endless ‘Groundhog Day’ where every day seems exactly the same and nothing ever changes. This time around I asked my client to consider what might make her feel different? What if instead of waking up everyday feeling frustrated or defeated, something about this day could be different? The next session we focused on how she would want to wake up in order for it to feel new again – doing things differently from what they’ve been doing before and not just settling for business as usual.

Confidence is not something you are born with, it’s achieved.

It can be difficult to put yourself out there and do the things that make you feel uncomfortable; especially when we have an inner voice telling us we’re not good enough or capable of doing what needs to be done. But once you take those first steps and face your fears head on, you’ll grow in confidence and will begin to feel unstoppable. Dominique Brits, life coach believes that “confidence is never given-it’s earned.” Even small actions every day such as taking a walk alone or calling someone who has been on your mind will lead to more significant accomplishments in the future

What to do when you don’t feel confident

“You’re not alone in feeling that way. The fact is, we all go through moments when we feel less than confident about who we are or what we have going on in our lives.” Being more ‘confident’ during these low points is key. I suggest that people should take time out to reflect on their strengths and successes as well as focus on the things they can control rather than those they cannot. “If someone doesn’t like you, it’s their problem,”. “It’s not personal.”

Overcoming fear of the unknown

Fear is a normal human emotion, but it can be crippling. Fear of the unknown can keep you from doing new things and taking advantage of opportunities that come your way. Dominique Brits Life Coach helps people recognize their fears by writing them down and then coming up with ways to mitigate those fears so they are not debilitated by them anymore. Let me help you overcome some fears.

Confidence and perfectionism

The idea of striving to be perfect can cause self-doubt as well as “stuckness”. Unfortunately, it’s the desire to be perfect that often causes people to overthink. Overthinking is not good for your confidence. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and still feel confident in taking risks. It will also touch on why giving yourself permission to take risks is important for developing a healthy level of confidence.

The key takeaway from this article? Give yourself permission to make mistakes so that you can develop a healthy level of confidence!

Boost your confidence

It doesn’t take much to feel confident. All you need are a few reminders of what makes you great and the feeling will come back. Here are my top two tips for staying on top of your game, no matter what life throws at you.

1) Keep a list of all the qualities that make up fabulously YOU! This can be anything from “I’m so happy” to “I’m good with numbers.” When you feel down or lost, revisit this list and remind yourself how fabulous your life is because it’s full of these things.
2) Acknowledge achievements–even small ones!

Find what makes you feel confident — physically

In a recent coaching session with one of my clients, she shared that when she feels confident, her body does something physical. I was surprised to hear this because it’s not often that people look for the physical component of confidence. After asking her some questions about what happened during those moments, we found out that listening to specific songs in her car would make her feel more confident. She realised after our conversation that she could do more things like listen to music or even take a power pose before an event and be able to manage any nerves better than if she didn’t do anything at all. I am so happy that we were able to work together on this discovery. So simple!

Confidence starts with body language

Dominique Brits, Life Coach – some insight into the psychology of body language. “A confident person will walk tall and have their chin up”. “They’ll strut in a room like they own it.” Note that as humans we naturally mirror other people’s behaviors so if you want to be more confident try mimicking someone who exudes confidence when you’re around them. The simple act of standing up straight can help us feel more powerful and control our thoughts which are often projected onto others’ perceptions of us.

“I dare you” to practice assertiveness

Have you ever been afraid to ask for what you want because of the fear that it might not be given? Dominique Brits, a family life coach, is challenging people who are struggling with self-confidence to step up and ask for what they need. She says that practicing assertiveness will lead to miracles happening in your life. It’s important to take care of yourself so that you can give back more fully. So stop waiting around for someone else or something else – dare yourself today!

Think Positively

Dominique Brits, a Life Coach in Johannesburg South Africa, says that the worst thing we can do is to focus on the worse possible outcome. The fear of something happening often prevents us from taking action and achieving our goals. We spend so much time worrying about what might happen, rather than focusing on what will happen if we make it work for ourselves. It’s important to imagine how you want your life to be like – because when you visualise that future it becomes more likely that it will come true! Your imagination has incredible power over what happens in your life; so use this power wisely by imagining yourself succeeding every day.

How to overcome a lack of confidence

The first step towards living more confidently is forgiving yourself. Your past does not predict your future.

Confidence is what you feel when you’re confident in your abilities. It’s the feeling that helps guide us as we take on new challenges and reach for our goals. But what if all you feel is fear, dread, or uncertainty? When this happens it can be tough to get back on track. That’s where life coach Dominique Brits comes in! I have over 20 years experience working with people who are struggling with confidence issues and has helped countless numbers of people and children build their self-esteem so they can live happier lives. This article has covered my top tips for how to start living confidently today!

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